Bahulu Cake

Kuih Bahulu

Bahulu Cake

Kuih Bahulu is a traditional Malaysia pastries with baked in brass moulds which usually usually come in all sort of sizes and shape like flower and round shape. It was made with different ingredients while looked light gold-brown colour. It is a light, fluffy sponge cake made of eggs, flour and sugar and usually served dining in Malay region especially during their Hari Raya Festival.

Our Bahulu Cakes are different because they are:
• Soft-baked
• Made with real butter, kampung eggs and flour
• A secret recipe which remain the tradition methods
• Baked fresh daily


雞蛋糕(Kuih Bahulu)是一种传统的马来西亚糕点,用黄铜模具烘烤,通常有各种尺寸和形状,如花和圆形。它是用不同的成分制成,整體的雞蛋糕看起来浅金棕色。它是一种軟綿綿的蛋糕大多數由鸡蛋,面粉和糖制成,通常屬於马来同袍的食用糕點,尤其是在马来新年(Hari Raya)节期间。