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Welcome To Yeon Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

It’s Sarawak largest cookies manufacturer and well-known brand in local communities

Company History

Yeon Food Industries was founded in the year 2010 and it's proudly located in the East part of Malaysia, Sarawak with sheer beauty, from its lush forests t its warm people and unique culture. It’s Sarawak largest cookies manufacturer and well-known brand in local communities.

Currently, the factory was built with 3000 square feet which strictly followed the food grading standard according to rules and regulation food processing act in Malaysia.
The factory is divided into 6 majors department which each department running their task to make sure the product progress in a safe and hygiene condition every day. There is administration office, store, mixing ( flour & ingredient), baking, packing and delivery.

Meanwhile, we had obtained Halal status gith its certified numb JAKIM/(S)/(22.0)492/2/1 107-09/2013 since the year 2010 to cater to the Muslim market in local and overseas. Halal is one of the most important foundations from the date of birth until death for Muslims and shall be living in that circle and halal guaranteed that the product complies with the Islamic dietary and meet the requirement by the importing country.

Nevertheless, we also received the MeSTI certificate in the year 2017 with its number 78/Q/000169-052017. Items classified as Malaysia-made goods are packaged (pre-packages) items as well as items that have been processed in the last process in the country.

At the time of our 13th anniversary in January 2019, we employed more than 15 local residents and delivery approximate 50,000 fresh, high-quality pieces of cookies monthly and Bahulu to local supermarkets, groceries. We bake with the passion to offer you high-quality cookies for your enjoyment and nourishment.


宇環食品工業有限公司成立于2010年,位于马来西亚东部,沙捞越州, 擁有著自然美丽環境,茂密的森林以及多元化独特的種族和文化。宇環食品目前乃是砂拉越最大規模的饼干制造商以及家喻戶曉的知名品牌。


同时,自2010年起,我们获得了清真證書,其编号为 JAKIM/(S)/(22.0)492/2/1 107-09/2013,以供應当地和海外的穆斯林市场需求。清真食品是穆斯林們最重要的基础之一,他們的飲食一定要服用符合伊斯兰的標準并且符合进口国的要求。






Founder History

Mr.Chong, at the young age was apprenticed in bread-making company for 5 year long. He identified the potential of cookies in local demand and decided to setup by his own cookies at home with new flavor and recipe. After few years hard work was implemented and he formed a sole proprietor company namely Yeon Food Trading in year 2006. In the first year he generated RM500,000 revenue and the company was incorporated to Yeon Food Industries Sdn Bhd in year 2010.

Since then, he actively involved in numerous government sponsored exhibition in Malaysia and Asia country with the aim to expand the distribution channel to neighborhood country such as Brunei, Singapore and China.

Bahulu Cake

Kuih Bahulu is a traditional Malaysia pastries with baked in brass moulds which usually usually come in all sort of sizes and shape like flower and round shape. It was made with different ingredients while looked light gold-brown colour. It is a light, fluffy sponge cake made of eggs, flour and sugar and usually served dining in Malay region especially during their Hari Raya Festival.

Our Bahulu Cakes are different because they are:
• Soft-baked
• Made with real butter, kampung eggs and flour
• A secret recipe which remain the tradition methods
• Baked fresh daily


雞蛋糕(Kuih Bahulu)是一种传统的马来西亚糕点,用黄铜模具烘烤,通常有各种尺寸和形状,如花和圆形。它是用不同的成分制成,整體的雞蛋糕看起来浅金棕色。它是一种軟綿綿的蛋糕大多數由鸡蛋,面粉和糖制成,通常屬於马来同袍的食用糕點,尤其是在马来新年(Hari Raya)节期间。